SBI small cap fund review

Unbiased SBI small cap fund review 2023

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SBI small-cap mutual fund has turned our investment of one lakh into more than nine lakhs in just nine years by giving a compounded return of more than 27 per cent in the past nine years. In this blog, we will do an SBI small cap fund review in a simple and step-by-step way.

SBI small cap fund review

We will first look at the return analysis in SBI small cap fund review. We will first look at discrete period returns and see how this mutual fund has performed in a particular calendar year.

SBI small-cap fund Return Analysis

Here we will try to find out how it has performed against its Benchmark and how much Alpha it has generated over the years.

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Crystal Clear from this graph shows that this fund has beaten its Benchmark over the years except for 2021.

And it has generated excellent returns for its mutual fund investors and an excellent Alpha. A similar pattern can see in the compounded return. That is, the CAGR of this mutual fund in the first year has a compounded return of 3.68 per cent in the third year, 27.9 per cent in the fifth year, 13.25 per cent and Ninth year 27.65 per cent.

And if we look at the average ruling return of this mutual fund, we can see that this fund has performed consistently well over the years and given an average ruling return of more than 20 per cent.

This way, this fund turns our investment nine times in nine years.

SBI small-cap fund Risk Analysis

Next, we will look at the risk analysis in SBI small cap fund review.

In three years and five-year periods, all the parameters like Alpha Beta Sharpie ratio standard deviation and maximum drawdown in all parameters, this fund has performed better than its category average.

This fund’s alpha tells us it performs very well in the bull market, significantly better than its category average.

And the standard deviation and maximum drawdown of this fund tell us that this fund tends to fall less than its category average in the Beer Market.

So be it a bull market or a bear Market. This fund performs better than its category average.

SBI Small Cap Fund has made your investment nine times in nine years by giving a compounded return of more than 27 per cent.

SBI Small Cap Fund is a 13-year-old open-ended mutual fund.

And in SBI Small Cap Fund, lump sum investment is not allowed, and for sip investment, you can do up to the maximum limit of 25 000 per pan card per month.

Currently, on 28 Feb 2023, sbi small cap fund direct growth nav is 110.11

This fund has an asset render management that is an AUM of 15 300 crores and an expense ratio of 0.71 per cent.

SBI small-cap fund Ratings

SBI Small-Cap Fund is a high-risk mutual fund. If we look at the rating of this mutual fund, value research has given four-star to SBI Small-Cap Fund, Crisil has given three-star to SBI Small Cap Fund, Morningstar has given Four stars to SBI small-cap fund, and Angel sparks ARQ has given two stars to this mutual fund.

Mr R Srinivasan’s son has managed SBI Small Cap Fund for nine years.


I hope this SBI small cap fund review will help you choose the right small cap fund for your investment portfolio.

SBI small-cap mutual fund will add Great Value to your Investment Portfolio in the long term.

If you like Our SBI small cap fund review, mention it in the comment box. We will try our best to answer them as soon as possible.

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