Artificial Intelligence Stocks In India

Best Artificial Intelligence Stocks In India In 2023

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The artificial intelligence industry in India has started booming now. Would you like to know the artificial intelligence Stocks In India from which this early-stage growth will benefit? This article will cover everything you want to know about India’s best Ai companies for investment.

Artificial Intelligence Industry was galvanized by the two major announcements by the finance minister of India related to the “Make AI for India” and “Make AI work for India” initiatives in budget 2023-24.

And with this, most Indian It companies are working in this AI space to develop the AI ecosystem and quality human resources, which will indirectly benefit Artificial Intelligence Shares In India.

What is artificial intelligence and its application?

Artificial intelligence is either a system or a process of simulation of machines,  Robots or software which can work without the intervention of human beings using their intelligence To complete a work.

Ai applications

Artificial Intelligence also helps in many ways in the ordinary person’s life.

Firstly by increasing your daily productivity. And also to communicate efficiently.
Artificial intelligence is helping an ordinary man a lot in the field of mobility and education too.

Artificial intelligence is proving to be very effective in industries as well:

Supply Chain, Customer Experience, Fraud Detection, Human Resource, Knowledge Creation, Research and Development, Predictive Analytics, Real Time Operation Management, Customer Service, Risk Management and Analytics,

The future of artificial intelligence

This Artificial Intelligence AI industry can grow by 36% by 2026. And Global GDP can increase by up to 16% by 2030 through the Artificial Intelligence industry.

And apart from this, more than 700 companies worldwide are ready to do something new and better in the world of Artificial Intelligence and are bringing new patents and new products to the market almost every day.
So it can be a good investment opportunity in this fastest-growing Ai industry.

Best Artificial Intelligence stocks in India

1) L&T Technology Services Ltd
2) Tata Elxsi Ltd.
3) Bosch Ltd.
4) Persistent Systems Ltd.
5) Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd.
6) Zensar Technologies Ltd.
7) Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.
8) Affle India Ltd.
9) Cyient Ltd.
10) Saksoft Ltd.
11) Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd.

1) L&T Technology Services Ltd

First on the list of best artificial intelligence stocks in India is LTTS.

L&T Technology Services Limited (LTTS) is a listed subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro Limited.
It is a leading global pure-play Engineering Research & Development (ER&D) services company.
It offers design and development solutions and services throughout the product development chain.
It provides solutions in,
1) Mechanical and manufacturing engineering.
2) Embedded systems.
3) Engineering analytics. And
4) Plant engineering.

How has L&T Technology Services Ltd benefitted from Artificial Intelligence AI?

  • With the introduction of the ASK GENIE AI-based bot for HR digital transformation, LTTS has disrupted and reformulated digitization.
  • A unique cloud-based platform TECHgium has been developed and rolled out by LTTS To open innovation in solving industry challenges working with Academia.
  • LTTS leader across multiple technology domains, including AI, Digital Engineering, 5G, and Semicon.
  • AI-on-5G platform has emerged as a significant area of focus, with the Company driving the next-gen integrations in collaboration with two leading global companies active in the domain.
  • LTTS EACV SPACE(ELECTRIC AUTONOMOUS AND CONNECTED VEHICLES), along with Vehicle AI is yet another initiative in AI drive.
  • LTTS is leveraging its cutting-edge AI algorithms, next-gen solution architectures, and state-of-the-art cybersecurity to enable its global customers, Physical to Digital transformation journeys via AI-driven products.
  • LTTS is also working on providing AI-driven healthcare solutions.

2) Tata Elxsi Ltd.

Second, on the list of best mid-cap ai stocks in India is Tata Elxsi.

Tata Elxsi Limited, a part of TATA Group, is a global design and technology services company for product engineering and solutions.
The Company is amongst the world’s leading providers of design and technology services across industries, including
1) Automotive.
2) Broadcast.
3) Communications.
4) Healthcare. and
5) Transportation.

How has Tata Elxsi Ltd. benefitted from Artificial Intelligence AI?

  • The Autonomai™ platform provides carmakers and Tier 1 automotive suppliers with a comprehensive and modular solution covering Perception, GNC, and drive-by-wire systems to quickly build, test, and deploy autonomous vehicles. This solution supports the fusion of various sensors, from cameras to radar and lidar. In addition, it leverages sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning-based algorithms to deliver the complex use-case scenarios expected of driverless cars. As a result, they are making Tata Elxsi one of the best EV stocks in India.
  • Broadcasters and operators are now integrating capabilities like over-the-top (OTT) platforms, connected devices, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics to meet consumers’ changing needs.
  • We have partnered with Green Hills to develop a Driver Monitoring System driven by AI and compliant with AUTOSAR Adaptive software-defined architecture and integrated with secure INTEGRITY® RTOS.
  • Partnered with Alef to help accelerate 5G and proliferate edge deployments. Through this partnership, Tata Elxsi will deliver industry-specific digital solutions covering digital applications, AI/ML and IoT, orchestration, monitoring and security solutions over Alef’s Private Edge Platform.
  • Tata Elxsi’s expertise in AI Tools & Frameworks and SDK & Reference Design solutions are helping our partners harness opportunities by adopting hardware platforms in the semiconductor and electronic product market. And that makes it one of the best semiconductor stocks in India.

3) Bosch Ltd.

Third on the list of best artificial intelligence shares in India is Bosch.

The Company is in the business of,
1) Manufacturing of components for the automotive industry.
2) Leading supplier of technology and services in the areas of
a) Mobility Solutions.
b) Industrial Technology.
c) Consumer Goods and Energy and Building Technology.
3) Provides end-to-end engineering and technology solutions.

How has Bosch Ltd. benefitted from Artificial Intelligence AI?

  • Bosch has developed AVIS with Artificial Intelligence, enabling the machine to mimic human actions and intelligence. It also allows the user to programme functions like planning, learning, reasoning, problem-solving, and decision-making, thus improving overall efficiency. In addition, AVIS is equipped to perform specific singular tasks which are easily programmed. It can also perform facial and speech recognition tasks and provides internet connectivity and browsing.

4) Persistent Systems Ltd.

Persistent Systems Ltd is fourth on India’s list of best artificial intelligence companies.

Persistent Systems Limited is a global company specialising in software products, services and technology innovation. In addition, the company offers complete product life cycle services.

The company delivers services across all product life cycle stages, enabling us to work with a wide range of customers and develop, enhance and deploy custom software products.

How has Persistent Systems Ltd. benefitted from Artificial Intelligence AI?

  • Persistent Systems in partnership with LungLife AI for its AI and ML algorithms that help accelerate cancer detection.
  • Persistent Systems, with its expertise, is moving ahead in the direction of Data & AI Engineering & Responsible AI & Applied AI.
  • Persistent Systems is also revolutionising 5G and the established growth of AI and automation in the Telecom & Media industry. AI-powered closed-loop network operations drive greater flexibility and reduced costs.

5) Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd.

Fifth on the list of best artificial intelligence stocks in India is Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd.

Happiest Minds Technologies Limited is engaged in next-generation IT solutions & services Company.
It is enabling organisations to capture the business benefits of emerging technologies Like,
1) Cloud Computing,
2) Social Media,
3) Mobility Solutions,
4) Business Intelligence,
5) Analytics,
6) Unified Communications, and
7) Internet of Things.

Happiest Minds Technologies offers many skills, IPs and domain expertise across focused areas, including,
1) Digital Transformation & Enterprise Solutions,
2) Product Engineering,
3) Infrastructure Management,
4) Security,
5) Testing and Consulting.

The Company focuses on,
1) Retail/CPG,
2) BFSI,
3) Travel & Transportation,
4) Manufacturing and Media industries.

In the Solution space, focus areas are,
2) M2M and
3)Mobility solutions.

It has expertise in core technologies like,
1) Cloud,
2) Mobile UI/UX,
3) Hardware & embedded,
4) DevOps and emerging technologies like blockchain,
7) AI,
8) edge computing,
9) Drones and computer vision across edutech,
10) Hi-tech, media and entertainment,
11) Healthcare & life sciences, industry,
12) Manufacturing sectors,
13) Blockchain
14) Digital process automation
which provide a competitive advantage and have enabled intelligent and connected product solutions and services to be built.

How has Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd. benefitted from Artificial Intelligence AI?

  • Ellipse A modular platform with multiple ITSM/ITOM tools integration, supported by a robust analytics backend with machine learning capabilities. Enables agile infrastructure operations and helps enterprises accelerate their journey toward IT-as-a-service.
  • The platform also integrates with IT service management and automation tools, facilitating artificial intelligence-enabled IT operations (AIOps).
  • 12.1% of the Digital revenue of Happiest Minds Technologies Limited comes from Analytics & Artificial Intelligence AI.

6) Zensar Technologies Ltd.

Sixth on the best artificial intelligence stocks in India is Zensar Technologies Ltd.

Zensar Technologies Ltd. is a leading digital solution and technology services company
that specialises in partnering with global organisations across industries on their Digital Transformation journeys.
The company manufactures and markets computer hardware and software.
Its chief products are digital computer systems, including peripherals.
The company manufactures a range of hardware products, from PCs to mainframe computers.

Company’s expertise in key technology areas such as,
1) Artificial intelligence (AI) engineering and machine learning operations (ML ops),
2) Non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the blockchain,
3) Mmetaverse,
4) Conversational AI,
5) Quantum computing, and
6) Applying AI to geographic information system (GIS).

How has Zensar Technologies Ltd. benefitted from Artificial Intelligence AI?

  • Zensar Technologies Ltd. Won the 2021 Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Award for Best Use of Virtual Reality for Retail Applications.
  • Zensar Technologies Ltd. secured a four-year, multi-million dollar contract for a smart city project where Zensar will drive a cloud-first strategy, accelerate the adoption of AI-enabled autonomics tools, and deliver a superior employee experience to the city’s constituents.
  • M3bi’s data engineering and analytics capabilities and ZenLabs will enhance Zensar’s existing service portfolio.

7) Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.

Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd is the seventh on India’s list of artificial intelligence stocks.

Oracle Financial Services Software Limited (OFSSL) is a world leader in providing Financial Technology Solutions across,
1) Retail Banking,
2) Corporate Banking,
3) Risk and Finance,
4) Financial Crime and Compliance Management.

The Company offer financial institutions the world’s most comprehensive and modern, cloud-ready banking applications and a technology footprint that addresses their complex IT and business requirements.
It has a services business comprising consulting services business and business process outsourcing services.

How has Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd. benefitted from Artificial Intelligence AI?

  • Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications Infrastructure (AAI) supports business logic that is both deterministic and model-based, with a robust predictive analytics framework that delivers the foundation for Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) and augments learning.
  • Oracle Financial Services Treasury Risk Management products are integrated solutions covering interest rate risk, liquidity risk and funds transfer pricing. In addition, the solution helps improve forecasting and predictive modelling capabilities through pre-built models that leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methods.
  • The Company’s solutions are deployed in on-premises & SAAS modes and incorporate new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning (AI / ML) enables users to provide a differentiated solution to their customers.

8) Affle India Ltd.

Eighth on the list of artificial intelligence stocks in India is Affle India Ltd.

Affle (India) Limited is a subsidiary of Affle Holdings Pte Ltd.
The Company presently provides mobile advertisement services through information technology and software development services for mobiles.
It provides end-to-end solutions for enterprises to enhance their engagement with mobile users, such as,
1) Developing Apps,
2) Enabling offline to online commerce for offline businesses with e-commerce aspirations and providing enterprise-grade data analytics for online and offline companies.

The Company has three registered patents in the United States with multiple patent claims in advertising via,
1) Data communication clients,
2) Online search system,
3) Method and computer programme and
4) Method and system for extending the use and application of messaging system.
The Company also has ten pending patent applications in India covering various algorithms in digital fraud detection.

How has Affle India Ltd. benefitted from Artificial Intelligence AI?

  • Affle has ever since been at the forefront of developing and transforming the mobile advertising ecosystem with a unified platform approach using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning that fosters greater transparency and optimisation opportunities for advertisers and publishers.

9) Cyient Ltd.

Ninth on the list of artificial intelligence shares in India is Cyient Ltd.

Cyient Limited (Cyient) is engaged in providing global technology services and solutions specialising in,
1) Geospatial,
2) Engineering design,
3) IT solutions and data analytics.
Having its headquarters and development facilities in India, Company serves a global customer base through its subsidiaries in the
United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Japan, Australia, Singapore and India.

Cyient’s range of services includes,
1) Digitisation of drawings and maps,
2) Photogrammetry,
3) Computer-aided design/engineering (CAD/CAE),
4) Design and modelling,
5) Repair development engineering,
6) Reverse engineering application software development,
7) Software products development,
8) Consulting, analytics and implementation.

It specializes in software services and solutions for the manufacturing, utilities, telecommunications, transportation & logistics, local government and financial services markets.

How has Cyient Ltd. benefitted from Artificial Intelligence AI?

  • Cyient Limited introduced CyientifIQ, a collaborative innovation platform, to enable organisations to reimagine existing operations and processes and reshape daily experiences. It taps into the power of technologies like Edge AI, Automation, Connected Products, Platformization, and Sustainability Solutions to fuel the future of Human Well – Being, Smart Operations, Intelligent Transport, Sustainability, and the Future of Mobility.

10) Saksoft Ltd.

Tenth on the list of artificial intelligence shares in India is Saksoft Ltd.

Saksoft Ltd is a leading provider of Information Management Solutions to successful companies worldwide.
The company is a mid-sized Information technology Company and provides end-to-end business solutions that
leverage technology and enables their clients to enhance business performance.
They also provide the entire gamut of software solutions, including consulting, design, development, re-engineering, systems integration, implementation and testing.

How has Saksoft Ltd. benefitted from Artificial Intelligence AI?

  • Saksoft Ltd Core Data Services and AI services team helped solve many client challenges and requirements. The company has designed and built the Analytics Framework for various Customers of ours; Big data and machine learning specialists packed more modern tech components into the Framework by building additional capabilities supporting modern analytics solutions such as FacialAnalytics, Footfall Analytics, Aspect based Sentiment Analysis and Conversational AI.
  • Saksoft Ltd AI and Core Data Service specialists leveraged the most-modern technologies like Computer Vision, Conversational AI and Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis to deploy advanced analytics solutions specific to domains including Healthcare, Public Services, Telecom, Financial Services, and Retail.

11) Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd.

Eleventh on the list of artificial intelligence shares in India is Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd.

Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. is a technology consulting and services company.

How has Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. benefitted from Artificial Intelligence AI?

  • The company is following industry best practices and agile principles for developing solutions by harnessing the power of disruptive technologies such as IoT, AI/ML, Blockchain, AR/VR, Chatbot, etc., is coherently ingrained in Kellton’s genealogy.
  • Optima, a proprietary oilfield operations analytics platform by Kellton, helps its client achieve its vision. Backed by intelligent technologies such as AI/ML and digital twins, the solution was instrumental in simplifying and accelerating data capture and analysis in real-time, increasing visibility into operations and cash flows, and helping our client lead business activities while monitoring risks and disruptive factors in real time.


Artificial Intelligence is a growing trend worldwide and is expected to bring a remarkable shift in Technology Sector in future. Artificial intelligence is currently on a very high growth trajectory. Therefore, as an investor, it can benefit overall industry Google growth in the next decade.

But at the same time, this disruptive Technology known as Artificial Intelligence can remain very volatile, so before making any decision related to the investment in any of the stocks related to the AI industry must be taken after deep research and proper duty Legends due diligence.

It’s better to go via the mutual fund route towards investing in artificial intelligence so that the industry’s best professional will work for you to choose the best one among these tech companies which can benefit from artificial intelligence’s growth. And individual in-stock investing must be done under the supervision of any financial advisor or only if you are a seasoned investor.

This content will help you invest in artificial intelligence stocks. Could you write your views in the comment section below?
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are the best artificial intelligence stocks to buy?

1) L&T Technology Services Ltd

2) Tata Elxsi Ltd.

3) Bosch Ltd.

4) Persistent Systems Ltd.

5) Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd.

These are Top 5 ai stocks in India in India to watch out for.

What is the best AI Stocks to buy in India?

Top ai stocks in India are listed below-

1) L&T Technology Services Ltd

2) Tata Elxsi Ltd.

3) Bosch Ltd.

4) Persistent Systems Ltd.

5) Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd.

6) Zensar Technologies Ltd.

7) Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.

8) Affle India Ltd.

9) Cyient Ltd.

10) Saksoft Ltd.

11) Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd.

These are the top artificial intelligence stocks in india.

What is the number 1 AI company?

The AI industry is in its very early stages in India, so it is difficult to judge the number 1 company in artificial intelligence stocks in India. But here are the top 10 AI stocks that you may consider,

1) L&T Technology Services Ltd

2) Tata Elxsi Ltd.

3) Bosch Ltd.

4) Persistent Systems Ltd.

5) Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd.

6) Zensar Technologies Ltd.

7) Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.

8) Affle India Ltd.

9) Cyient Ltd.

10) Saksoft Ltd.

Is artificial intelligence a good investment?

The Global artificial intelligence market may grow at a pace of 33% CAGR  over the next decade till 2030. As a result, many investments are coming from big Technology companies in the artificial intelligence industry.
Recently, we have seen an investment of more than 10 billion dollars announced by Microsoft, and Google is also investing a considerable amount in developing BARD AI.
Considering all these developments, the industry can prove to be a good investment over the next decade. And helping investors to create wealth by investing in AI.

Is India investing in AI?

Yes, India is aggressively investing in AI, and the government of India is also adding to this AI drive. The latest announcement about the “Make AI for India” and “Make AI work for India” initiatives has pumped more fuel into this AI industry.

What are artificial intelligence stocks?

These companies invest in technology that enables artificial intelligence to develop a product, gain a market edge over business processes, or beat their competition.

Are AI stocks a good investment?

The AI industry has been in full swing recently, and the Indxx Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Index, which tracks the performance of companies in artificial intelligence, has given a return of 16.85%  in just two months(Jan 2023-Feb 2023).

And with the development throughout the world, the AI  industry has. Moreover, this speed may increase further As corporates and governments of various countries want to dominate artificial intelligence. And a massive amount of investment is coming into this industry to develop the ecosystem quickly. 

And over the next decade, this artificial intelligence industry can prove to be an excellent investment for investors.

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