Best Mutual Funds To Invest In 2023

Exploring Best Mutual Funds To Invest In 2023: Unlocking Potential for Wealth Creation:

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Mutual funds have gained immense popularity among Indian investors as a means to grow wealth. With numerous mutual fund schemes available, each with distinct investment objectives and strategies, it can take time to identify the best options. This article will discuss some of the top-performing Best Mutual Funds To Invest In 2023, considering factors such as historical performance, risk management, fund management expertise, and investor satisfaction.

Parameters for Selecting the Best Mutual Funds To Invest In 2023:

The first parameter for finalising this List of Best Mutual Funds to invest in 2023 is,

The management analysis:

The factors we are considering are the longevity of the fund manager, where the longer the fund manager’s tenure is better for the fund.

Lesser changes in the fund management are again positive for the mutual fund.

The following parameter is the Portfolio Analysis:

We are looking for a funds portfolio with the least stock concentration risk, Sector concentration risk, and more diversification to hedge the risk in the investment portfolio.

 Moreover, we are also looking for fair portfolio valuations and good-quality stocks in these Mutual Funds.

And after the portfolio analysis, the following parameter is,

The consistency in the returns:

In these Best Mutual Funds To Invest In 2023, based on trailing year Returns,  Annual Returns,  and Rolling Returns in the previous five years, we select the best with the most consistent performance.

We also keep in focus that these funds do better in a lump sum and SIP investments.

Next, we have also considered,

The risk-adjusted returns:

Fund’s capabilities to provide continuous risk-adjusted returns based on lower Standard Deviation, Beta And Maximum Drawdown of the past three years.

And higher Mean Returns, Sharpe ratio, and Alpha generation in the past three years.

And last but not least,

The expense ratios:

We have considered a lower expense ratio value in these Best Mutual Funds To Invest In 2023, which is better for mutual fund investors.

And by combining all these parameters, such as

  1. Management Analysis,
  2. Portfolio Analysis,
  3. Risk Analysis,
  4. Returns analysis and the
  5. Expense Ratio,

We arrived at the final two best mutual funds to invest in 2023 in each category of Indian mutual funds.

Index funds tracking error, tracking difference and expense ratio have been used to choose the best index funds.

List of Best Mutual Funds to Invest in 2023

Best Large Cap Funds

  1. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund
  2. SBI Bluechip Fund

Best Multi Cap Funds

  1. Quant Active Fund
  2. Mahindra Manulife Multi Cap Fund

Best Large & Mid Cap Funds

  1. SBI Large & Midcap Fund
  2. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund

Best Mid Cap Funds

  1. SBI Magnum Midcap Fund
  2. Quant Mid Cap Fund

Best Small Cap Funds

  1. Tata Small Cap Fund
  2. Canara Robeco Small Cap Fund

Best ELSS Tax Saver Funds

  1. Parag Parikh Tax Saver Fund
  2. Quant Tax Plan

Best Flexi Cap Funds

  1. Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund
  2. Quant Flexi Cap Fund

Best Focused Funds

  1. HDFC Focused 30 Fund
  2. Quant Focused Fund

Best Value Funds

  1. ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund
  2. Bandhan Sterling Value Fund

Best Contra Funds

  1. SBI Contra Fund
  2. Kotak India EQ Contra Fund

Best Aggressive Hybrid Funds

  1. ICICI Prudential Equity & Debt Fund
  2. Quant Absolute Fund

Best Balanced Advantage Funds

  1. HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund
  2. Baroda BNP Paribas Balanced Advantage Fund

Best Nifty 50 Index Funds

  1. Bandhan Nifty 50 Index Fund
  2. UTI Nifty 50 Index Fund

Best Nifty Next 50 Index Funds

  1. ICICI Prudential Nifty Next 50 Index Fund
  2. UTI Nifty Next 50 Index Fund

Best Sensex Index Funds

  1. ICICI Prudential S&P BSE Sensex Index Fund
  2. HDFC Index Fund – S&P BSE Sensex Plan

Best Nifty 100 Index Funds

  1. Axis Nifty 100 Index Fund
  2. Sundaram Nifty 100 Equal Weight Fund

Best Midcap 150 Index Fund

  1. Motilal Oswal Nifty Midcap 150 Index Fund

Best Small Cap 250 Index Fund

  1. Motilal Oswal Nifty Smallcap 250 Index Fund

Best Nifty 500 Index Fund

  1. Motilal Oswal Nifty 500 Index Fund

Best Infrastructure Sector Funds

  1. Kotak Infrastructure and Economic Reform Fund
  2. ICICI Prudential Infrastructure Fund

Best Banking and Financial Services Sector Funds

  1. Nippon India Banking & Financial Services Fund
  2. Sundaram Financial Services Opportunities Fund

Best Technology Sector Funds

  1. SBI Technology Opportunities Fund
  2. Tata Digital India Fund

Best Manufacturing Sector Funds

  1. ICICI Prudential Manufacturing Fund
  2. Bank of India Manufacturing & Infrastructure Fund

Best PSU Sector Funds

  1. Aditya Birla Sun Life PSU Equity Fund
  2. Invesco India PSU Equity Fund

Best Consumption Sector Funds

  1. Sundaram Consumption Fund
  2. Tata India Consumer Fund

Top International Technology Funds

  1. Mirae Asset NYSE FANG+ ETF Fund of Fund
  2. Navi NASDAQ 100 FoF

Best AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Semiconductors Stocks Funds International

  1. Mirae Asset Global X Artificial Intelligence & Technology ETF FoF
  2. DSP Global Innovation Fund of Fund

Top US Bluechip Mutual Funds

  1. ICICI Prudential US Bluechip Equity
  2. Mirae Asset S&P 500 Top 50 ETF Fund of Fund

Top US Diversified Mutual Funds

  1. Nippon India US Equity Opportunities Fund
  2. Franklin India Feeder Franklin US Opportunities Fund


While the Indian mutual fund market offers many investment options, investors must thoroughly research their investment goals and risk appetite before deciding on the Best Mutual Funds To Invest in 2023. The aforementioned funds have consistently demonstrated their ability to generate attractive returns and manage risks effectively. However, past performance does not guarantee future results, so consulting with a financial advisor or conducting further research before investing is advisable. By selecting the best mutual funds in India, investors can unlock the potential for wealth creation and work towards their long-term financial goals.

DisclaimerThis blog is solely for educational purposes. The securities/investments quoted here are not recommendatory. This is not an investment advisory. The blog is for information purposes only. Investments in the securities market are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing.

Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Please consider your specific investment requirements, risk tolerance, goal, time frame, risk and reward balance, and the cost associated with the investment before choosing a fund or designing a portfolio that suits your needs. The performance and returns of any investment portfolio can neither be predicted nor guaranteed. 

The information provided in this article is solely the author/advertisers’ opinion and not investment advice – it is provided for educational purposes only. Using this, you agree that the information does not constitute any investment or financial instructions by Ace Equity Research and the team. Anyone wishing to invest should seek their own independent financial or professional advice. Do conduct your research along with financial advisors before making any investment decisions. Ace Equity Research and the team are not accountable for the investment views provided in the article.

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